The Third Half

With Lucy Gregory and Joe Moreno

Work: physical or mental effort in order to achieve a result.

Play: activity for recreation or enjoyment without a practical purpose.

The Third Half celebrates the unclaimed space between work and play by forming a work-play hybrid within UK education. We produce small scale interventions to spread ideas that struggle to exist in the current results based system. We provide a toolkit that repurposes acts of recreation to build a trust that a playful process will achieve a result. These interventions allow a student to reframe their definitions of work and play resulting in flexible lifelong learning.

Above: An example of our resources in situ in a classroom. This poster shares our definition of a ‘Third Space’, in which a work-play hybrid can exist. Placing our resources in learning environments reminds students to consider a playful approach while working in the space.

Above: An image from a workshop we ran in Healthlands School with Year 11 art students. Blind drawing is a playful technique, and initially it can be hard for students to see the value in it, however the process forces you to look closely at the subject, and draw what you are really seeing, aswell as encouraging confident mark making. 

Above: The Build Your Own University sessions asked Year 7s to construct a fictional University campus. They reflected on things that may be classed as either ‘work’ or ‘play’ from their experience of education. They then planned and built without any restriction, as long as each decision was justified with a reason that explained how it supported learning.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles